Follow these six tips to grow healthy hair and prevent it from falling out!

Follow these six tips to grow healthy hair and prevent it from falling out!

 Most of us take our hair for granted until we start to lose it. Then, we’ll try just about anything to get our locks back. But what if we took a proactive approach to hair health?

Here are tips for a healthy hair.

1. Get regular trims.
This may seem counterintuitive – after all, aren’t we trying to grow our hair out? But regular trims (every 6-8 weeks) are one of the best things you can do for your hair. Why? Because they get rid of split ends, which can travel up the shaft of your hair and damage the rest of your strands. Regular trims also help keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

2. Don’t overwash your hair.
Your hair doesn’t need to be washed every day; overwashing can strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and brittle. For most people, washing every other day or even every third day should suffice. If you have oily hair, you may need to wash it more often, but try to cut back if you can.

3. Be gentle with your hair.
Treating your strands with TLC will go a long way in keeping them healthy. When shampooing, massage your scalp gently with your fingertips instead of scrubbing vigorously. And when towel drying, avoid rubbing your hair too roughly – blot it dry gently. Also, be careful not to use too much heat when styling – excessive heat can damage and break your hair.

4. Eat a healthy diet.
What you put into your body directly impacts the health of your hair (and skin and nails). Be sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats like Omega-3s to give your strands the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy.

5. Avoid harsh chemicals and environmental pollutants.
Harsh chemicals and environmental pollutants can damage and dry out your hair, so avoiding them is essential. If you must use harsh chemicals (like bleach), follow up with a deep conditioning treatment afterward to help restore moisture balance. And if you live in an area with high air pollution levels, consider wearing a scarf or hat outdoors to protect your strands from harmful toxins.

6. Nourish your hair from the inside out.
Our Protervis Premium Hair Complex is formulated with vitamins and minerals that invigorate the scalp and give you fuller-looking hair.

By following these six tips, you can help keep your strands healthy and strong – and prevent costly damage down the road. So take good care of your tresses, and your future self will thank you!

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